Creativity Support Index (CSI)

The Creativity Support Index (or CSI) is a survey metric designed specifically for evaluating the ability of a creativity support tool (CST) to support a user's creative process. It is intended to be adminsitered after a participant has finished using a CST. The CSI consists of two parts: a rating scale section and a paired comparison section. When a participant fills out the CSI, they will begin answering 12 rating scale questions, which assesses 6 different factors: Collaboration, Enjoyment, Exploration, Expressiveness, Immersion, and Results Worth Effort. Afterwards, the participant fills out a paired comparison section, in which each factor is compared against the other factor for a total of 15 comparisons. In these comparisons, the participant is asked which factor in a pair was the most important tot hem, for the activity that they just completed.

About this Version

Since its original 2009 publication, the CSI has been lengthened and extensively validated using a psychometric approach. A journal article on the CSI was recently published to ACM ToCHI, and it will be also presented at ACM CHI 2015 in Seoul, Korea.